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998 (The Covid Diaries Series)
998 (The Covid Diaries Series)
Paper, cardboard, glue, inkjet printouts, acrylics
35” (h) x 16” (w) x 33” (d)

The "Covid Diairies" series are works based on my journal entries during the past year and counting. In the series, mundane daily chores in isolation in my apartment collide with catastrophic world news.

In May 2020 we were able to leave the city to live in the Catskills. The constant whine of ambulances was replaced by a woodpecker pecking on our metal mailbox. To its drumming everyday, the terrifying news poured forth. We thought the woodpecker was deranged but found out later woodpeckers peck on metal or hardwood in the springtime to make a racket in order to demarcate territory and find a mate.