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Crying Roses 2 (Pink) (The Covid Diaries Series)
Crying Roses 2 (Pink) (The Covid Diaries Series)
Vase, wire, Apoxie Sculpt, acrylics
16” (h) x 17” (w) x 8” (d)

The "Covid Diairies" series are works based on my journal entries during the past eight months and counting. In the series, mundane daily chores in isolation in my apartment collide with catastrophic world news.

The roses are based on a memory of the height of the pandemic, where the constant sounds of the sirens of ambulances was in contrast to the gorgeous array of spring flowers blossoming.

Also spring and summer are the main seasons for events, weddings and hospitality, that were now cancelled and during lockdown people stopped buying cut flowers, sending ripple effects along global supply chains and impacting millions of livelihoods.