Valerie Hegarty
Threadbare Still LifeWatermelon GothicWatermelon Gothic 2Watermelon Gothic 3Watermelon Gothic 4Watermelon Gothic 5Watermelon Gothic (large)Watermelon Smile with Strawberry EyesWatermelon TongueWatery FlowersWatermelon FaceVeiled Still LifeWatermelon with CrowWatermelon RibcageWatermelon AfterglowFruit FaceFruit PearlsFruit Eating FruitFruit with RibcageGeorge Washington TopiaryGhost FruitGhost of HistoryGlowing Peaches in Basket (large)Glowing Peaches in BasketGlowing Peaches in Basket 2Glowing Peaches in Basket 3Frozen Peaches in Basket (large)Peach CloudsGlowing Still LifeNightime FruitPeaches in Basket SkeletonPicnic BodyShelled PeachesSkeleton Flower Hand in VaseSkeleton Flower HandsSkeleton Fruit (large)Clipper Ship SkeletonDisappearing StrawberriesEvaporating Peaches in BasketFlower HeadFlower Head 2Flower Head 3Flowers Eating FlowersFruit Bones (small)Watermelon SkullWatermelon Skull 2Watermelon Skull 3Watermelon Skull 4Watermelon Skull 5Ghost FruitFruit Drained of ColorGeorge Washington with Stretcher BarGeorge Washington SplitGreen Clipper ShipGeorge Washington with AuraGeorge Washington DecayGeorge Washington (Green Hair)George Washington ExplodedGeorge Washington Palette FaceGeorge Washington Palette Face RepaintGeorge Washington Canvas with HoleGeorge Washington Melted Coat CanvasCanvas Drip FragmentsGridded Canvas with HoleCanvas TatterRed Curtain with HoleClipper Ship BendClipper ship Canvas FragmentsGrapefruit Canvas UnravelWatermelon and Peaches Canvas with Missing PieceWatermelon and Peaches with Missing PieceWatermelon and Peaches with Missing Piece2George Washington on White HorseGW FragmentGW Fragment (2)Peeling PaperParents' Bedroom Still Life Melted 1Parent's Bedroom Still Life Melted 2Red Curtain 1Red Curtain 2Red Curtain 3Red Curtain 4Red Curtain 5Red Curtain 6Red Curtain7Red Curtain 8Paper PaletteGeorge Washington Portrait on Wall Melted
George Washington Seated MeltedGeorge Washington Seated MeltedGeorge Washington Standing MeltedGeorge Washington Standing MeltedFrederic Church Twilight Crumple (small)Frederic Church Twilight Crumple (large)Frederic Church Twilight Crumple 2 (large)Frederic Church Twilight Crumple 3 (large)Frederic Church Aurora Borealis Crumple (small)Frederic Church Aurora Borealis Crumple (large)Frederic Church Iceberg Crumple (large)Frederic Church Iceberg Crumple 2 (large)Grand Canyon Crumple (large)Thomas Moran Grand Canyon Crumple (large)Cracked Canyon 1Cracked Canyon 2Cracked Canyon 3Bust with PigeonsBust with PigeonsBust with PigeonsKitchen with Stump (Time Passes)Homer Was Swept Away
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